Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back in FLA

Whats up,
I just got back from Arazona a couple days ago. AZ was a real fun trip, there was some really good riding going down. It was fun to ride with Trevor, Randy and Gabe. Those guys were killing it. We had some pretty good accomidations at the lake, we were staying on these house boats right at the dock so we could just wake up and ride. The boat was a 23 foot Malibu, the wake was real good.
Its rad being home for a little while, this summer has been crazy busy. We biult a new rail on our lake over the weekend, its not too gnarly its just a small a frame but it really fun. Its right in the riding line that we use everyday so its easy to just session each pass. Rails take so much time to biuld. I will try to get a photo of it today or tommorow.
It was Parks birthday 2 days ago, Happy Bday PB. He is back from Cali, where he was getting his knee fixed. Parks had an unfourtunate accident on the rail we were hitting at owc at the Ronix both for expo. The rope got caught and pulled him down in to the front of the rail, he got spun out pretty bad and landed really hard on the land. It was really hard to watch. Parks had been working so hard to come back from his last injury and this happend. I hope he has speedy recovery. Im shure he will be back in no time.
I will be in orlando untill we go to Mexico in a couple weeks. Kilgus will be down filming for drive and we are also filming for the new Billabong movie, so im sure there will be some pretty sick riding over the next few weeks.

Thanks for checkin in

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Ken said...


I found your blog from a post on Wakeworld. I'll for sure comeback often to follow your blog. Thanks for taking the time to post about what you are up to.

Ken Land
Bullet Lines