Monday, September 24, 2007

Singapore Final

What’s up, I haven’t updated in a couple days. I’m on a plane heading back to the states from Singapore. We were at the world cup stop on the Bedok Resivour. The contest went ok for myself I finished in a equal 5th with Danny, Rusty, and Chris O. Phillip finished 1st followed by Jeff Weatheral in 2nd and Daniel Watkins in 3rd, Andrew finished 4th. There was some pretty good riding through out the weekend.
It was a pretty good trip through Singapore this time round, but a lot more mellow than past years. We did the tourist thing Friday night, taking a bus tour around the city witch was pretty cool. It was the Chinese light Fest that was pretty cool to see. The tour was on a double decker bus with no top. After the tour we checked out the night life but all faded out pretty fast. I think the long flights and Jet lag really take a toll when your only there for a couple days.
Saturday there was a party but none of us made it, we found an Outback steakhouse and then headed back to the hotel to crash out. It seems like we are all a little more serious about getting sleep these days being that the riding is getting so good at contests.
It was pretty funny on Sunday after the event, the boys stopped by a store and took Phillips card and bought enough drinks for a week. Congrats Phil you won, now pony up for every one. He got off pretty lucky though because normally when you win you buy everyone dinner and its at a good restaurant but BK was the only thing open.
Overall it was a pretty good trip, the contest was well run, we hit the cable park a couple times, and got a tour through the city. I’m flying to Arazona to meet up with Sean Kilgus, to film for Drive. I think it will be Randy, Trevor, Gabe Lucas, and me, all riding till Friday. I will update in a few days when we get back.

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