Monday, September 17, 2007

Surf Expo FIN

What up its Sunday, we just finnished up tearing down the booth from expo. It was a long but fun weekend. Thank You to all of our dealers who made the time to stop by. On Friday night was the wake awards at the convention centre. That was a great evening, Ronix won the award for buzz brand of the year. It was tigh, our whole crew rocked up to the stage. Later that evening I won wakeboard trick of the year, for a ts double indy back roll. I was so stoked, there were alot of other sick tricks like dannys ts bs nose grab 7, it was so tight and JDs fountian gap. Also that night my good friend Rusty won wakeboarder of the year. Congrats Russ keep up the hard work. Another highlight of the night was Parks wining the legend award. No rider deserved it more, he has done so much for our sport and it was an honor seeing him win. It was well deserved, Congrats Parks.

Im back on the road Wensday for a couple weeks, travling to Singapour for a World Cup stop, followed by flying straight to Arazona for the week to shoot with Kilgus for the movie Drive. I will keep you posted on some storys from the road and inside happnings on what Im up to.

I will also post some picts and storys from some of the trips ealyer this summer, Thanks for checkin the sight out and come back again soon.

Chad Sharpe

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Nick Murto said...

It was great to see you at Surf Expo! Congrats on all of the awards, keep on posting!!