Thursday, January 31, 2008

First off let me start by saying sorry for no photos or vid on this one but it was just Danny Harf and I out in the boat.
Danny and I were out at my house today testing some new product and something pretty cool went down.
I will let Danny fill you in.
CS- Danny so what went down today?
DH-I landed a switch ts 1080 while doing a little product testing. Looking like the new Ronix gear is going to be alright!
CS- I would agree. what Danny left out was how big and clean it was. The landing looked like he was doing a 360 wake to wake.
CS- Its looking like you are the first to land multiple variations of the 1080?
DH-Yeah i've landed two 1080's now one switch heel and one switch toe!
CS- Nice, It def was fun to watch. Made me want to go ride. Any final words.
DH- Look for the new Drive video by BfY Productions to see more shedding by team Ronix!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not much new this week. I have rode a few times but its still kinda cold. We hit up the monster truck show on Saturday, that was pretty fun. On Monday I had been testing my new board shape for 09. Its getting really close, the pop is insane.
Yesterday I picked up a new puppy, her name is Page. Watson has her brother and Spencer who lives with Grubb has her sister.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy Week

Whats up. It sure has been a busy week. Last weekend I traveled to Toronto for Malibu, to go to the rail jam at the boat show. This setup was sick. They lined a hockey rink and built a huge stair rail setup out of it. I am still learning how to use my camera so the shots are not the best, but it gets the point across. I got back from TO and did the spring cleaning on the boat, and threw her in the water. The weather has warmed. Jeff Weatheral came over to ride. He sure is riding well this early. I had a pretty good set too. Def fun to get back out there. Later in the week we headed back out to Rustys to shoot for Drive one this really fun rail we built. I have this weekend off so there will be lots of riding and I will try to get some shots of the boys for the page.
Last night was fun, Kevin had a huge poker game at his house. It was cool because all the boys showed up, there were like 20 players not including the ones who just chilled and played ping pong and pool. Rusty won the whole thing.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Im sitting at the Charlotte airport waiting for a flight to Toronto for the boat show. It has been a pretty busy week. Mon- Wed Rusty, Danny, JD, Ruck, and myself built a new rail for the movie drive at Rustys. It is a pool to 16 foot up rail to 20ft gap to down into the lake. We only had one night session on it before most of us left for boat shows. The weather down in Florida has been pretty bad for wakeboarding, the start of the week was really cold and the end was rain. It was fun trying to shoot some of the riders on the rail with my new camera, it is a little harder than I first thought.
This weekend should be fun in Toronto. They have flooded a hockey rink up to the top of the boards and built this huge rail set up with real stairs and rails going down into the rink. Watson showed me some of his footage from there last weekend. It looked sick. I brought my camera so i will have some shots soon.
These are a few shots I have taken with the new camera.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boat Shows

These are the shows I am attending so far this season. Jan 11-13 Pleasonton, Jan 18-20 Toronto, Feb 1-3 Seattle, Feb 8-10 Dallas, Feb 20-24 Salt Lake. I ended up getting a new camera today so stay tuned for some action shots!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wake Boarding Is Fun

Today was the first day I really hit the water hard, getting back into the grove. It was 80 and there was 0 wind all day. It was just one of those days that it just fun to even ride around and carve up the calm water. I love when its that calm and on whips you can just turn on your side and glide. I started the day out in Claremont with Danny and Rusty at Rustys. We rode and then took some mesurements for a new rail that we are starting to build tomorrow for Drive. It should be fun. 60ft pool with a couple rail options. I will have some construction picts up in the next couple days and hopefully some riding ones shortly after that.
I am picking up a new Nikon D300 this week so hopefully the photo quality will be a bit better in the future for the site.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Whats up, Its Jan 5th and I just got done wakeboarding. I had not been riding in the last few weeks. It was sure fun to get back out there and just mess around, with out even the thought of a up coming contest. The water has really cooled off since my last ride.

There have been a few fun events in the last couple weeks, such as the Standerd New Years party, It was great to see every one getting lose. In the club they had, what looked like 100 wakeboards hung up. I will post some picts up when I get my camera back this week. It was funny pretty much all the Canadian riders managed to get themselves booted by the end of the night. Go Canada.

I had a chance to go to my first football game the other night, It was a pretty cool experience. It was the Orange bowl in Miami. Pretty good game it was close. For the halftime show ZZ Top played and we saw them after gambling at the Hard Rock.