Friday, January 18, 2008

Im sitting at the Charlotte airport waiting for a flight to Toronto for the boat show. It has been a pretty busy week. Mon- Wed Rusty, Danny, JD, Ruck, and myself built a new rail for the movie drive at Rustys. It is a pool to 16 foot up rail to 20ft gap to down into the lake. We only had one night session on it before most of us left for boat shows. The weather down in Florida has been pretty bad for wakeboarding, the start of the week was really cold and the end was rain. It was fun trying to shoot some of the riders on the rail with my new camera, it is a little harder than I first thought.
This weekend should be fun in Toronto. They have flooded a hockey rink up to the top of the boards and built this huge rail set up with real stairs and rails going down into the rink. Watson showed me some of his footage from there last weekend. It looked sick. I brought my camera so i will have some shots soon.
These are a few shots I have taken with the new camera.

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