Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wake Boarding Is Fun

Today was the first day I really hit the water hard, getting back into the grove. It was 80 and there was 0 wind all day. It was just one of those days that it just fun to even ride around and carve up the calm water. I love when its that calm and on whips you can just turn on your side and glide. I started the day out in Claremont with Danny and Rusty at Rustys. We rode and then took some mesurements for a new rail that we are starting to build tomorrow for Drive. It should be fun. 60ft pool with a couple rail options. I will have some construction picts up in the next couple days and hopefully some riding ones shortly after that.
I am picking up a new Nikon D300 this week so hopefully the photo quality will be a bit better in the future for the site.


sheepdogg said...

your gonna have to stop talkin about all this nice water time you been gettin the past week... granted i have had the good weather just no water time... you are makin me crave gettin on a boat haha...

that nikon d300 is sick i used it for a photography class last semester.. the resolution is beautiful

Chad Sharpe said...

I just picked one up. Aron Katon came with me to the camera store and showed me what I needed. Now Im gonna try to get some images. We will see.