Thursday, January 31, 2008

First off let me start by saying sorry for no photos or vid on this one but it was just Danny Harf and I out in the boat.
Danny and I were out at my house today testing some new product and something pretty cool went down.
I will let Danny fill you in.
CS- Danny so what went down today?
DH-I landed a switch ts 1080 while doing a little product testing. Looking like the new Ronix gear is going to be alright!
CS- I would agree. what Danny left out was how big and clean it was. The landing looked like he was doing a 360 wake to wake.
CS- Its looking like you are the first to land multiple variations of the 1080?
DH-Yeah i've landed two 1080's now one switch heel and one switch toe!
CS- Nice, It def was fun to watch. Made me want to go ride. Any final words.
DH- Look for the new Drive video by BfY Productions to see more shedding by team Ronix!

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Anonymous said...

what up dude. i was just talkin with some of my buds about the upcoming year and entering a comp., i had heard that landing 3 sick tricks would place you, but im not sure if a tantrum, backroll, and an indy 360 would do it are there any subjestions you got?
p.s. that rail jam was sick, i was lucky to see the rail jam in detroit last year and it was some sweet s***