Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Last Thursday Before I went to seattle boat show I had the chance to go to a Tampa Bay Lighting vs Vancouver Canucks game in Tampa with James Ballzer and Randy Malinoski. It was fun but the Canucks lost but there were 5 fights so it was still fun. I just got back from the seattle boat show. The Seattle show is at Quest field, where the Seahawks play. They let you get on the field and kick extra points. I hit 3 for 5. Ruck kicked one and made it. He could of made it from 15 yards further back with his boot. After the show I headed up to Canada for a day to chill with some friends for the super bowl.
Rusty, Randy and Danny are headed over to shoot with Kilgus tomorrow so I will try to get some shots on my camera, I will keep ya posted on what goes down,

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