Thursday, February 7, 2008

Windy Riding

Here are some of the riding shots from yesterday out on Hiawassiee. The riders are Danny, Rusty, Shane and myself. This was the first time i got to use my new camera in some good light. Arron Katon was helping me through it and teaching me a few things about taking photos. It was pretty windy out there so the double ups were not the greatest but i got a few snaps. Kilgus was shooting for Drive. Danny was getting close on some switch ts 1080s and Rusty hit a nice bs 5. I was trying to get indy ts bs 5s but was just missing the last handle pass, I will get it this evening when we ride in Claremont.
Im not sure why the shots are sideways but I am trying to work it out. After riding some friends and I got to go to the Angels&Airwaves show. It was sick. Thanks to Rick for hooking us up with some sick tickets.


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Nick Murto said...

Hey Chad those shots are great, that new camera rocks! What program are you using to view/edit them before you upload? -Nick