Friday, September 21, 2007

Singapore Day 1

We just finnished our first day in singapore, It was a pretty fun one. First we checked out the cable park. It was pretty good. There is a fun box and a couple table boxes as well as a flat bar. In the am it was Watkins, Dean Smith, Weatherall and myself. It was a pretty fun way to start out the day after such along flight. Later on we headed over to the contest sight and hooked up with Danny, Rusty, and a few of the guys for practice. After practice we all Headed back over to the cable park. Every one started out riding and after awhile we all switched over to combo skis and took a wack at the park. There were some funny crashes. Daniel Watkins tryed to step up to the top of the fun box and his skis split it, one on each side. He came pretty close to racking himself. It was pretty funny to watch. I tryed a back flip off the cheese wedge and made it but when i landed my skis decided to go oppsite ways and pulled my groin but not to bad. Rusty was riding a disk and fell but continued to skid and landed about a foot from the kicker, he got off pretty lucky.
Those were pretty much the highlights of day one. We are headed out to the contest now. I will update on how it went later on today when we get back. I should have some picts of the contest.

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