Thursday, September 20, 2007

En Route, Singapore

Whats up.
Im just on a layover in Japan on the way to Singapore and have some time to kill. Man this is a long flight, we just got off a 12hr from DC to Tokyo and still have another 6hr flight to Singapour. It makes it so much easier when your doing these long flights with friends. Im travling with Watkins, Rusty, Wolfe, and Adkinson. Danny had to do this same flight by himself yesterday. At least he gets to ride the sight of the contest all day today.
Singapore is a rad contest, Its on the Bedok resivour. The conditions could not be more perfect. There only boats allowed on it once a year for this event. It is always calm and the water is clean. I love going to this event every year, we always have a good time.

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