Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One last dance at Radar

Its Oct 9th and i just finished riding at Radar, It is so beautiful this time of year. All I had on was a long sleeve spring suit and it was not that bad. It was a pretty cool day up there, It was sunny and 59. Paul and I got up there and just crused around the lake, its amazing how clear the water gets when the temp goes down. It was so clear that you could see everything on the bottom, there are thousands of golf balls everywhere and you see big trout. We are going on a retreval mission this spring with some scuba tanks and retriving a serious amount of golf balls. We have been hitting them in there from my very first trip years ago.
The reason Im up here is to try out some new shapes and work on some graphics over the next few days. I rode some cool stuff today. Jason is the man. Tommorow Im going to the shop in Preston to work on graphics.
Days like today really make me miss this area. Im shure it will rain tommorow and remind me why Florida is so rad. It was cool to be the last ride of the year at Radar, the boat came out today.
Im back in Fla wensday.
come back again soon


WaterSki Boats Dallas said...

Great description of the lake, Chad! The area is so incredible and it is harder and harder to leave every time I am there!

Glad to see you are doing well!

Marty McFly
Waterski Boats Dallas

Spencer said...

Is the RedBull slider still up? Sounds like a good time at Radar. Have you been riding the CSVI? What board do you prefer?