Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My News

This is my first shot at this, My News will be news from around wakeboarding that you might or might not usually hear. This is mostly stuff among our circle, some might be boring but here we go.
Danny Harf and Chad Sharpe had birthdays last week, the fellow Ronix teammates are just two days apart. Danny Celebrated his with a nighttime boat cruise, with pointless and friends all in attendance. Chad celebrated his with a close group of friends, and went to a nice seafood dinner in Mexico. Paul Obrien is in China. Grassman is recovering from a broken leg that he received at a Master Craft photo shoot jumping off a bank and coming up short. Randy Harris has extended his skeleton tattoo all the way to his hand, it looks sick. Ricky G also has more ink on his chest; it is the eagle from his board graphic. Shawn Watson is just finishing up a new rail on wassiee, it is a high flat bar with an optional angled rail on the side. Rusty Malinoski has a new house with his wife to be, moving in the guesthouse will be Kyle Rattray, and James Ballzer later this year. Speaking of Rattray, he is well on the road to recovery after a knee surgery, one of the fastest I have seen. In the speedy recovery news Rusty broke his arm a couple weeks ago and is already back on the water, I’m pretty sure he cut his own cast off. I think he had put his arm through the handle. Tony Smith has left Alliance to start a new media company with Chase Heavener. Good luck guys. Dean Smith left for Australia today, he was one of the last to go. You know the seasons coming to an end when the auzzies start migrating south. Jeff Weatherall is staying stateside for the first time and not going back to aus for their season. The whole Billabong crew is gearing up for 3 weeks in the Philippines for the filming of their new team vid. Oakley is just wrapping up their new team vid. Sean Kilgus is in Florida filming Drive staying with Danny Harf. Jack Blodgett has a new web sight jackblodgett.com. Rathy got shook down by Mexican police for barely speeding on his scooter, lucky he only had 200 pesos. Chad Sharpe signed with Rockstar along with Randy Harris, AJ Racinelli, and Jimmy Lariche, Joining Rusty Malinoski and Scott Byerly. Jeff Mckee Signed with Slingshot. Taylor Watkins will be celebrating his first birthday next week. Happy Bday Taylor.

That’s all I can think of this week. I will try again next week.

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