Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gettin some home time

Whats up,
I just got home from seattle, I was working on some new products. I had a really fun trip, I was staying at Paul's house. Its pretty much my second home, I love bieng up there. I rode while I was up there and the air was in the 50s, and I rode today at home and the air was in the high 80s. I find that you will try a lot more when the temp is warm, a lot more agressive.
I have Jack Blodgett sitting here with me, Im going to atempt a little interview.
Me- Jack I hear you have a new website, What is it and whats on it. I saw your web sight and pretty much copyed it. It has picts, videos and daily blogs.
Me- so you had to one up me with vids, Cool
What have you been up to lately.
Jack- Filming alot, finishing up the Oakley vid. Biulding rails on our lake, and riding.
Me- any travling lately.
Jack- Not really, Going to Mexico this week. I have been to 9 countrys this year.
Me- Any Highlights
Jack- tow in stuff in South Africa. Cuba support the troops, and rode on the Amazon.
Me- Not Bad. This is to much typing. Lets wrap it up. Anything cool to leave on.
Jack-Nov 10 is our Vid premier for Push Process at Okaley in CA. Then filming you guys for the Billabong Vid. I also have a new clothing line coming out soon.
Me -Thanks Jack, Lets go ride.

First Interview Fin. I will do some longer ones from the road. Thanks for checkin in, Come back soon

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Nick Murto said...

Hey Chad good to see you up in Redmond. Wanted to thank you for pointing us to the Caveman Crib site, it kicks ass. thx!