Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whats up. Sorry its been some time since I last updated.It has not been the most exciting month. I have been out for the last week or so with the flu. Things are going to pick up this week, with a shoot at the projects for the Billabong team vid, and a trip to Mexico also with the team. I will be sure to get some good shots and report back with the highlights and fun.
thanks for checkin in


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the flu man that stuff has been going around up here in Tennessee too. Almost riding weather for us up here. Throw out some nasty poked glides. Later

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had the flu it has been nasty stuff. Hope you are going to be in Del Mar at the end of March. Got to get more pics of you guys on the wall. see you there.

Chad Sharpe said...

Thanks guys, finally over that flu. I got some good shots from the bong bus this week. I will post them mon when i get a better connection. Im at radar at the moment.