Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chad Sharpe, Photo Bill Ward


Anonymous said...

Hi Chad
Nice pic it makes a nice background on the computer. Nice to see everybody back on the water after the winter. We were out all winter froze my ass off, but i will do anything so my nephew can wakeboard. He loves
the sport, thats all he wants to do. Nice job your doing in keeping us informed on what is going on.

Chad Sharpe said...

Thats tight you toughed it through the winter. Where are you from how cold dose it get.

Anonymous said...

We are in calif. and it was kindof cold this year. The water was about 42ish and air was about in the low 40s to mid 40s. I thought this was sunny So Cal. I am about 45 min from Carlsbad. Winter is about the only time the lake has nobody on it. Aren't you at the Fred Hall Boat Show this weekend with Tyler doing the slide show this year?