Monday, March 17, 2008

What's up, we just finished a great week of shooting on the Billabong bus for the team vid. The bus was parked on shore with a glass wall ride against it. It was fun, every one got broke of at one point or another. If you missed your pop you would land on shore and tumble. Funny Crashes.
This weekend I headed up to Seattle and stopped by Ronix to see how my 09 gear was coming and its sick. I cant wait to ride it. These are some of the raw photos. The good ones were sent to Billabong.


Brooke said...

How are those vantage bindings holding up for you? I'm just not sure I could get the velcro to last very long, never had good luck back in the day with my ski bindings and velcro but you never know. I was leaning toward those because they seemed similar to Ultra Sucs and I've LOVED those for years! Went with Transits for a season for a little change, but those vantages just keep calling my name.
Brooke from WI

Anonymous said...

That wall ride is nasty sharpe. That shit it almost vertical.

Chad Sharpe said...

Brooke, I think the binding you speak of are from liquid force. I have not rode them. You should try on a pair of ronix coys they are Emily Copelands binders. you can mold the liners, there sick.
That wall ride was so fun. Check out the new billabong vid coming soon. There were some sick shots and tons of carnage. when we would fall we would be way up shore.
Thanks for checkin in