Friday, March 28, 2008

Clear Lake Fun

Im a couple days behind, been kinda busy. So Wednesday Ruck, Chris O, Tino, and Brian Reader came over for a daytime rip. The light was high so no shots, but trust me it was sick. Later in the day I headed over to Rucks for a rail session with all the same crew. Rucks lives on the very crowded clear lake. Much to my surprise when i got to the dock Daniel Watkins, Chancy and Taylor were picking up Dano for a trick set. Daniel and fam had just got back to Fla so I jumped in to watch Dano ski and catch up with the Watkins family. Taylor is getting big and on the move. After catching up and a little boat trouble Daniel and I headed out the rail to catch up with the rest of the crew. It was amazing to watch. The clear lake crew have been brushing up on there rail skills. Every one was killing it but Reeder was def my stand out on the 100 foot long flat bar. We rode till the sun went down and fun was had by all.

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