Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just thinking out loud. Traveling with the boys it occurs to me how much media influences conversation. For example, always quoting movies, skits, stand up. It makes it pretty hard to be originally funny. I mean we all have our moments. I find that most of my best original material comes from my real life travel stories. Real situations that actually happen. I sometimes have the unfortunate luck of things breaking or going not exactly as planed but almost every great trip story I have ever heard or told never sounded like, We were golfing in the Philippines and I hit 10 over par and Danny was 2 over par, It was a beautiful course and we had a great time. Little dry, I cant see that being a story that I will be slinging sitting around with the boys down the road. I have a pretty good feeling that the part of the story that will be told to the boys sounds more like this. We were on this big hill and Chad started rolling backwards down not realizing the breaks were shit and slammed into the other cart at the bottom, Hi centering the axle while the caddies were looking on in horror, oh yea and then Rucks amazing stroke that had the caddies hitting the deck almost everytime he swung. Then Keith decided to bomb the cart down this steep ass hill and almost flew off a 40-foot cliff.
I don’t know if it’s just me but the latter sounds like a lot more fun to tell later.
You’re young for only so long and make the most of it. Just make sure it dose not hurt others, and be prepared to pay to play. I have learned that the hard way more than a few times. Japan trips have cost me more than you can imagine. You know its bad when they ask if you have travel insurance but thats a whole other long story I will save for another day.

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