Sunday, November 4, 2007

Qatar to Philippines

I just got to Manila yesterday from Qatar. We just finished the last stop of the world cup. I ended up 3rd with Andrew in 2nd and Phil won. It was a pretty good event. We traveled around the city a bit and saw some sights. It’s crazy there because there is so much reclaimed land with big buildings. It’s pretty desert over there.
Now we are at a lake 2hrs outside Manila, getting ready to ride, waiting for the rain to stop. The lake we are riding on is a fresh water lake and we have two good boats and a ski to ride. The whole Billabong crew and friends are with, Grubb, Watson, Ruck, Harf, Heff, BT, Pat Panokos, Shawn Perry, and Lidberg. There should be some sick shredding over the next few weeks.
We will be staying in this area until Sunday. There is a rail contest in Manila on Saturday, and then we will be flying over to the CWC, Cable Park for a week or so.
It is so crazy driving around this place, it seems like there are not many laws. Last night we would be going around sharp corners and other drivers would be passing 3 wide. A little scary. Once this rain clears riding will be sick. The landscape around here is Jungle, it will make for some pretty cool video and picts.
I will update some picts later this week, these are some from Qatar
Come back again soon.

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Nick Murto said...

Congrats on placing in Qatar! Good luck this week!