Thursday, November 8, 2007

Philippines, Week 1

The last couple days it the Philippines have been great. Monday and Tuesday we stayed at LRay’s beach house. He is the governor of the Camsur province, where the CWC cable park is. The hospitality he and his crew have shown us is unreal. Monday we came out to the lake and had a pretty good day shooting, it was a little windy but we found a cove with perfect double ups on both ends. Danny hit a sick late grab ts BS 5, Grubby stuck a sick ts wake-to-wake big spin. All the boys were firing pretty sick.
The weather was calling for clouds all day Tuesday so we decided to take the day off for some R&R. In the morning we headed out to the golf course in LRay’s neighborhood with a group of 8. After 9 holes it was Grubb taking down Danny by one stroke on the 9th. I was in the lead after 3 but I was playing with right-handed clubs and could not keep up the pace. I am left handed but there were only right clubs. A couple highlights from the course were Ruck hitting two 40 something foot puts, I rolled the golf cart down a hill backwards not realizing there were no breaks and crashed in to the other golf cart really hard. Our axle was suck on their tire but not much damage. We all had our own female caddies and you could tell they were freaking out a little. Lidberg also bombed this really step hill in a 4-person cart with a cliff in the run out and barley stopped in time, but he stuck it. I don’t think the caddy’s see a round like that very often.
Later that day we chartered a boat to find some surf, and surf we found. There was this fun wave that you could go left or right. We were told we were the first to surf it so it sounds like we get to name the break. Out was Wats, Danny, Grubb, Ruck, Heff, and myself. It was one of the best days I have had surfing. Everyone got waves. The water temp in the ocean here is perfect. What an amazing day.
After surf we headed back to the house and hit the pool. At the gov’s house there is a perfect 15 food high balcony to jump off into the pool. You have to jump shallow because the pool is only 4 feet deep. It was a perfect day. Wednesday we stayed out at these cabins at the volcano lake right on the water. This volcano lake is famous for having an island on a lake on an island on a lake on an island. Confused yet? So were we until we saw it. We got up at early but the weather was not very good, we tried to ride but it wasn’t great.
Thursday we got up at 5am to perfect skies and a helicopter. It was our most productive day on the water. Everyone was killing it with the chopper in the air. This lake is amazing; it’s big like the ocean but calm shorelines and islands. After we rode BT and Keith rode. It was sick to see BT ride, I had not seen him ride in a while and he killed it as well as Keith. Pat Panokos has become quite the photographer. It got cloudy in the afternoon so we have been playing doubles golf with pitching wedges around the cabins until I sprayed one off into a car. No damage but brought our game to a screeching halt. I had a really fun doubles set with Ruck while the chopper was up. We were matching tricks being the same foot forward.
Friday is our last day here and we have the helicopter for the morning. Its looking like it’s going to be another sunny day. In the afternoon we get on the bus for a 3hr ride to Manila for a rail contest at the Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the Philippines on Saturday.
That’s all for now but I will be here for a couple more weeks and then off to Australia. I will keep updated on some travels. Thanks for stopping by.
One last thing, most of the time when we are overseas the food is not so hot, but it has been amazing this trip. LRay’s cooks are bomb.
This one has been edited by college grad Brian Grubb.

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