Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have been in Australia for about a week so far. Adam Errington and myself are traveling around the country with Stu from Ronix aus doing a demo tour. We started on the Gold Coast for a couple days. The first day I arrived we went to an in store evening and then checked in to our hotel that was right in surfers paradise. We checked out the town that night by going to a couple bars and ended up at the casino. The next day we did a clinic on the water in Brisbane.
clinic and demo. Adam and I rode in this sick river but as we finished it started pissing rain our day was cut short. We stayed the night there and drove to Sidney the next morning.
When we got to Sidney we went to the Harris’s river house for a clinic. The river is about 45 min out side of Sidney and is really sick to ride. Adam and I had a couple of rides. We stayed the night there and in the morning the Neil and Brenda had set up a bridge climb in Sidney harbor. It was sick, we went up with a guide and got to climb to the top of the harbor bridge. It’s amazing up there, its right above the opera house and has a great view of all of Sidney. Later that night we met up with Dean Smith and hit the town. Monday night in Sidney is pretty quiet, but we found a few things to do.

I’m on the road right now driving to Canberra, where we have a rail jam in a pool tomorrow. I am looking forward to Canberra because we will meet up with all the boys, Dean, Watkins, Chris O, Ect.

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Little-Blacky said...

hey man, i was there at the harris's place on the hawksbury river back in november... i didnt see you ride, i was in the Supra, not the x-star... i was pretty bummed that i didnt get to watch you ride, dont tell anyone i said this but Adam is boring to watch compared to you and Harley Clifford (the wonderboy) ive seen your videos and you signed my poster. i was speachless when i met you, i wish we could have talked more.

Harley's dads supra had 2.6 tonnes of weight in it + passengers and it sunk a little everytime we stopped, it was pretty nuts

anyway i hope we meet again coz im your biggest fan
Cheers, Tim