Friday, February 26, 2010

Rusty Malinoski Feb 23

The weather was good a couple days ago so I went out to Rusty's for a ride and to shoot with Bill Doster. Fun day, Rattray was going to ride with us but he had to go get a bunch of stitches because a small home improvement accident, but he is coming over today to ride. The weather has turned cold and windy again but we got a ok line on the other side of the lake. I have never used my wetsuit so much in one Orlando winter before.

Rusty Malinoski from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

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harmona03 said...

Rusty, the pop you got on the first indy tanny 2 blind was more than legit.

I hear the weather is iffy down there.

We're getting hit and miss sun up in Portland, Oregon. Been riding since January in either a drysuit or a 4/3.

It sucks we're off the map for the PWT stop. I'm working on throwing a weekly wakeboard contest at tenth street in West Linn during the summer in hopes of rebuilding the wake community around here. It has slowly been dying off since 9/11 really.

Keep tearing it up and Chad this blog is SWEET. it's so entertaining watching you guys take a set and seeing all the moves you have on lock. I have a website callled For some reason it's not fully working but i have a video you can check out if you're bored.
Take it easy,

Cory said...

Rusty you throw it down.. it gives me alot of motivation to watch you ride. and andrew is right chad, this blog is probably the best and most chill wakeboarding blog out there. you guys keep rockin' out and someday i hope i can ride with you guys that would be a dream come true

PeelPressure said...