Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chad Sharpe, Jan & Feb 2010

These are just some clips I put together from January and Feb. It has been so cold and windy here in Orlando this year. The past 2 days have been great but its back in the 30s this am and for the next few days. Its not always easy to get alot of shots of myself but the boys are def getting better behind the camera.

Chad Sharpe Jan, Feb from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

Music Artist-Handsome Furs Song- Talking Hotel Arbat Blues


Kyle Linsey said...

You need to get your friends a tripod so we can see some more footy of you. That batwing to fakie off the d-up at the end of the video was sick. Love these videos you have been putting out, it lets us know what you guys are doing behind the boat so we can go try it ourselves instead of waiting for a video part to come out. I've never even thought to do a batwing that way, i'd almost call it a toeside tindy glide because it is so different. If you don't mind me asking, how are you weighting your boat currently? It seems like in every vid that comes out, it is behind your boat which means everyone loves your wake. I have an 04 210 running about 3400 lbs and when i graduate med school next year, I'm thinking about getting myself a new boat as a myself (for basically the sacrifice of not really riding the past 3 years which if you told me that I would be saying that, the only answer I would have given you is that I was dead). Let's just say that I have under 300 hours on my 210, that's how much I have been able to ride and on my previous boat which was an 01 x-star, I had 800 and the engine pretty much committed suicide. I actually blame you and Parks for that because you brought his boat for a demo in Tampa on this little lake by the movie theatre and the wake was so big and perfect that I made the dumb mistake to ask how you weighted it being that I had the same boat. I think I was 14 or 15 years old (24 now) and I ate shit on an elephant that I just charged as hard as I could because I wanted to see how big I could go behind the wake and you drove up to me and said "Woah that was really big man!!" and I was so stoked that I remember it to this day. Anyhow, that is my little sidetracked story. Keep up the awesome videos. I'm hoping to practice in Orlando doing orthopedic surgery so if you guys need a good doc that wakeboards I'm your guy. Everything free of charge because if it wasn't for getting to watch you guys ride in videos and clips online when I couldn't ride, I would have gone crazy, so in reality you and your crew are responsible for me graduating school. When I graduate I think it might be possible that I will be the only doctor in the country that can do a mobe. It will be my claim to fame
-Kyle Linsey

Kyle Linsey said...

I'm also in the market for a new board, and I like to think that I have a pretty similar style to you if i were to compare myself to what pro i think I ride like. I like to do big glides, batwing variations, pretty much anything that I can grab and go into the flats. I have two bad knees so soft landings in the flats are VERY IMPORTANT. I'm still riding my 07 140 premier because I really haven't been riding so I didn't want to just spend the money to have my board as a house decoration, but now that I'm going to start riding again, what would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Sweet Tail Batwing to Fakie!!!