Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hard Crash

So awhile back I talked about the importance of a life jacket and told you about a hard crash on a BS 5. I was out riding with Watson last night and managed to take pretty close to the same crash but got it on video, this time with a vest. The numbness only lasted for a couple seconds this time and the vest had me on top of the water in no time.

Chad Sharpe, BS 5 Crash from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.


R said...

Glad you were wearing a vest. Thanks for keeping this important topic at the fore front!

sk82destroy said...

bs 5's are over rated anyways!

cory said...

sick handle pass despite the crash... rock on chad

Christian said...

Any hope to get Ronix to put out some more CGA vests after these experiences youve had. My vorn doesnt float me at all, and after knocking the wind out of me I went with a Helium SWAT.

Im not talking a full vest lineup but maybe like 2 or 3, or atleast the same number as Non CGA.

Ryan B said...

Hey Chad, did you get a concussion from this crash? How many have you had? When you do get one do you take a day off to recover or what?