Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dams, Spillways, Waterfalls ect

Im looking to do some trips for the blog when it warms back up and was looking for some ideas, pictures of structures natural or man made from around the country. Waterfalls, Spillways, dams ect. I would love to take a look of what u got. If you have something interesting hit me up and maybe we will roll through your town.



Anonymous said...

Check your email

Markus said...

Hi Chad ... think bigger????
As we know u did 55 frames .. you might think about something outside the U.S.. beautyful lake in italy calm and no other boats , eccept sailboats (senseless ...NO Wind)
flat like a mirror ... If this sounds interesting email me..
By the way I love your board CSV2
greetz from Austria Rossi

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad, i dont know if Markus speak about our lake in Sardinia Italy, please check at
and e-mail me at ciaooooo!!

Chad Sharpe said...

That place is sick

Benj Trogdon said...

Yo Chad you should head up to North Carolina and ride! There are some sick private spots for sure and The East Coast Wake Park recently opened up and its a great place to winch and ride pwc. Also we have a white 09 Malibu VLX we would be glad for you to come hit up!