Thursday, September 17, 2009


I went out to Clermont to golf with the boys today and on #9 Parks hit a 130 yard shot and dinged Danny in the back. We were on the floor because Danny actually ran from it but ran right into the landing. so funny. I just loaded a bunch of footage and will do some more editing tomorrow.

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4 comments: said... looks like your using a tower mounted camera which follows the rope. I have heard conflicting arguments about the actual performance of these. Your video looks like it tracks pretty damn good. Do you have a link to the specific model you are using?

Chad Sharpe said...

Its not a tower cam. cannon hv40 by hand

Chad Sharpe said...

I think it looks like a tower cam because the wake is so big? not sure it s just sitting on the back said...

Yah, I guess I thought it was tower mounted since the latest two vids looked like they were taken in the exact same location under the boat with the rope being at the top of the picture frame. Thanks for the clarification.