Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flying to Romania

Im headed to Romania for Malibu tomorrow. Im bringing the camera gear and really stoked to check out the riding scene there. I will keep the site posted with photos and vid from the trip. Stay tuned. I also had a little party yesterday and the boys were having a little fun. Check out this photo hopefully vid to follow soon.


Gabriela Ismailciuc said...

Hey Chad,
I'm Gabriela Ismailciuc (Romania) aka Dezde, and like I've told you... you made our YEAR!!! You're the man!!! YOU ROCK!!!
I really hope tomorrow its not gonna be rainy so we can ride together again. Thank you for riding, driving and ... everything. It was an awesome pleasure and an honor for me and my husband to spend our day with you. It's like a dream come true! Thank you :)

Simona Bogdan said...

Same here!! It was a real pleasure…U're a true exemple of how this sport should be done! Hope to meet u again, cya…! :)

Chad Sharpe said...

I had a great time over there and it was amazing to meet yall