Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry the site has not been updated very recently, but I have been in Tahiti with the Billabong crew getting some footage for our new team vid, and there is not much internet. The trip is going great, we are doing a lot of towins. I caught my first air on a wave yesterday. This place is beautiful. Perfect weather, and the water is so warm. The boys that are with are Danny, Henshaw, Ruck, Wats, Grubby and myself for riders. Good crew

A couple days ago our friend OG, took us in to the forest with his winch, there was a sick waterfall that the boys could gap off. It is so beautiful in the forest. Every thing is so green.

Yesterday we took a ferry from Tahiti to Moorea so we can get some riding done behind the boat. The riding has been good, small wake but we have just been doing triple ups.

Tomorrow we go back to Tahiti and are going to get back in the waves. We will return to the States on friday, just in time for Dallas tour stop.

Monday, May 19, 2008

pro tour #1

Soven Defends His Tour Title in Acworth-

Butler Captures First Pro Tour Win

Acworth, Ga. – Over the past three days, the world’s top pro wakeboarders battled it out on the waters of Dallas Landing Park in Acworth, GA to compete for the first win the 2008 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour season.

Four rounds and three days later, the top-four riders in the Pro Men’s Division took to the water for the final heat of the contest, where all eyes were on Rusty Malinoski (CAN), Phillip Soven (USA), Adam Errington (SCT) and JD Webb (USA).

All four rippers had a killer showing in the finals, but in the end reigning MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour champion Phillip Soven posted a 92.50 to claim the top spot in the contest and became the first rider on Tour to win back-to-back contests in Acworth. Webb, Malinoski and Errington rounded out the competition respectively.

“All those guys stomped some killer tricks out there, not making it easy on me at all,” said Soven. “I was just dialed-in on my final run and came out with a win.”

Although Rusty Malinoski didn’t win in Acworth today, the “Bone Crusher” did pick-up some extra cash thanks to Rockstar Energy Drink. The Canadian ripper was named the winner of the Rockstar Best Trick Award, a $1,000 cash bonus for landing the most impressive trick of the contest, a Heelside Frontside Switch 720 off of the U.S. Air Force Kicker.

In the Pro Women’s Division, six of the top female riders took to the water today for their finals. All eyes were Emily Copeland Durham (USA), as the two-time women’s wakeboard world champion was looking to repeat in Acworth. However, in the end Copeland Durham only manage to finish third, as Nicola Butler (UK) took the top spot, followed by Amber Wing (AUS).

Today’s win marks Butler’s first-ever MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour victory and her second consecutive win in the Queen of Wake series. Nicola Butler’s success continued in Acworth today, as the second-year pro ripper claimed the MONA VIE Best Trick Award. The award is a $250 bonus for the female rider landing the most impressive trick of the contest, a Moby Dick.

Harley Clifford (AUS) took the top spot in the Jr. Men’s finals today, followed by Jimmy LaRiche (USA) and Robert Soven (USA) respectively. Clifford now paces all Jr. Men riders in the Indmar Performance Standings.

Acworth was the first of five stops on the 2008 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour. The Tour’s next stop will be held in Forth Worth, Tex. (May 30-June 1), followed by Twin Cities, Minn. (June 7-8), Phoenix, Ariz. (June 28-29) and Reno, Nev. (July 11-13).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feet on Fire

On monday the annual Feet on Fire barefoot contest took place on Clear lake. It was a really fun event with most of the contestants being pro wake boarders. I loaded up my boat and took it over to watch the festivities. Shortly after arriving i was talked in to footing. You have to step off a ski, I had never done this before but it was much easier than I thought. I won my first round against Kevin Micheals, and was taken down in the second by Parks. Some of the boys are really good. The finals was a good one, Zane vs Daniel Watkins with Zane taking the win. In the event 2 footers start side by side and the boat dose figure 8s with the first to fall loses. There were some great crashes through out the day. Props to Dano for putting such a great event.
I leave for the Atlanta tour stop tomorrow. I will keep updated on standings and photos . Thanks for checking in. Chad

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Carnival Fin

Sunday there was some great riding at the event. We have a new champ, Shaun Watson took down Parks Bonifay in a heated battle for the belt. It was really Watsons day having great runs in all 3 rounds on Sunday. Congrats Wats. In 3rd place was Aron Rathy with Keith Lidberg and Kevin Henshaw both finishing 4th. I will up load some pics later today.

Tomorrow, Feet on Fire gets under way. Feet on fire is a annual bare foot contest that takes place on Clear Lake. Not pro barefooters tho, its mostly pro wakeboarders and friends competing a head to head figure 8 course. The winner is the footer who can stay on the longest. Its always a fun event.

Friday I will be traveling to Georgia for the first stop of the pwt and on Tuesday jumping on a plane along with the whole Billabong crew to film for our up coming video in Tahiti.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Carnival day 2

After the second day of the event there are 5 riders remaning. The 5 final guys are Kevin Henshaw, Shawn Watson, Keith Lidberg, Aron Rathy, and of course returning champ Parks Bonifay. The riders were killing it both rounds that were ridden today. Some close heats and the finals are shaping up to be insane.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Carnival

I just got home from the Carnival at the Projects. It was the first round. There was some sick riding to watch today. I snapped off a few photos. The event will continue through the next two days with the finals on Saturday. I will keep you posted on the results. Hats off to Pat and crew for getting the course looking so good. There are really good hits the whole way through the park.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Im back behind the camera. Have just been training a lot lately. Today Clay Fletcher, Chris O, Tino and I went for a ride. I was just floating around taking some shots. These guys are ripping. Tino took the shots of me. Im going to get some of the festivity's tonight.