Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry the site has not been updated very recently, but I have been in Tahiti with the Billabong crew getting some footage for our new team vid, and there is not much internet. The trip is going great, we are doing a lot of towins. I caught my first air on a wave yesterday. This place is beautiful. Perfect weather, and the water is so warm. The boys that are with are Danny, Henshaw, Ruck, Wats, Grubby and myself for riders. Good crew

A couple days ago our friend OG, took us in to the forest with his winch, there was a sick waterfall that the boys could gap off. It is so beautiful in the forest. Every thing is so green.

Yesterday we took a ferry from Tahiti to Moorea so we can get some riding done behind the boat. The riding has been good, small wake but we have just been doing triple ups.

Tomorrow we go back to Tahiti and are going to get back in the waves. We will return to the States on friday, just in time for Dallas tour stop.


Logan said...

Chad you are one lucky man. i'd give my left nut to ride there.

Meghan G said...

Whoa, Chad, I had no idea you had a blog. Just stumbled into it.
Love your pics. I will take that trip to Tahiti any day.
See you in Phoenix this weekend!