Thursday, April 29, 2010

Erik Ruck, Adam Errington, Chad Sharpe, Jimmy LaRiche

This is some shredding from yesterday at Clear Lake getting ready for Wake Games. The boys are riding well. Adam hit his first 10 yesterday but it was in the am before I got there.

Clear Lake April 28 from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

Music Artist- Bonnie Tyler Song- Total Eclipse of the Heart


steveP said...

Ruck looks even smoother when you slow down the music. all you guys are going huge. nice riding. is that a b-side that jimmy is riding?

Chad Sharpe said...

Ruck is smooth as eggs. That is Jimmys new board, I dont think its out yet but will be. I have been using a friends hvx and am thinking of getting that camera the slow is nice.

Lane said...

Great work Chad! These sections rock! Thanks for doing such a great job

BKinSoCal said...


I appreciate that you are so diligent in posting videos. I always enjoy watching them to see how everyone is riding and to get ideas of better ways to ride myself.

So thank you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome song selection Chad! I love The Dan Band version of that track!