Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cali Winch Trip

Last week Mike Ennen, Shawn Watson, Brian Grubb, Jaret Brantley, and myself went shredding around Sacramento for a few days and hit some really cool spots. Im ready to go back there was so much to do with more time needed but we got some cool stuff. Thanks to Riley and crew for the great trip. Hope to be back soon.

CALIFORNIA WINCH TRIP from Chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

Music Song 1- Artist-The Notorious B.I.G. Song-Going Back to Cali
Song 2- Artist- Cypress Hill Song-Armada Latina (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony)


ju said...

Just Great !!!!

justin said...

No doubt! That's awesome. We're missing all of these great spots in Winnipeg. There's only one and it's pretty will be pretty much prime in a week. This gets me pumped to hit it up.

Bryleo said...

That was DOPE

gnar factor=11 out of 10

Chad Sharpe said...

I cant wait to go back