Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wow what a couple weeks it has been in the progression of wakeboarding. Starting a couple weeks ago with Rathy followed by Dean Smith hitting wake KGB 5s and then Philip hitting a crow 7. He was at my house last week and he hit one first try, pretty impressive. Now just this week, Rathy was over yesterday and first hit a TS backside 7 w grab and about 10 mins later followed up by a switch hs 1080. Now just today Rusty went out and hit a HS BS 900. WOW. Congrats to all the guys killing it. Its still early in the year and its going off. Most of the time these big tricks are landed later in the season before the awards but if it keeps this trend the trick of the year award is going to be a great show.

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Brooke said...

hs bs 900 - jesus! This has been a great year so far! I wish our lake levels would go down, 1 month off in the heat of the summer season sucks. Slow no wake yet again this week and rain rain and more rain in the forecast.